Tips for Home Sellers: Be Realistic and Ready to Make Tough Decisions

Tips for Home Sellers: Be Realistic and Ready to Make Tough Decisions

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Home SellersDetaching from a home is a difficult process for home sellers. While the home may not fit the needs of the owner anymore, it still holds many memories about the family.  This can make it difficult for home sellers to push down feelings about a home and think about it in the perspective of the buyer.

But when the time comes for home sellers to take action, you must be ready. That means taking the time to accurately price the home, staging the house, and researching the competition before listing the home.

Inspect the House

Some home sellers find a pre-inspection to be a waste of money.  This is not true. If there are any problems that a pre-inspection discovers it gives the home sellers a chance to correct them before buyers walk-through.

An inspection does require a little money upfront.  However, it is much less than what a buyer may ask for in credits if there are major problems once they get an inspection.  For this reason, it can be less expensive to be proactive, paying for an inspection, fixing any problems with a contractor of choice, and showing a house that is ready to sell.

Furniture and Decor

An empty house is not appealing to a buyer.  Neither is a house full of the owner’s items that are haphazardly placed around the rooms.  Staging the home can greatly help home sellers prepare for a quick sale. That being said, home staging can be expensive.  

Some staging companies will charge up to six hundred dollars per room.  This can quickly add up. Not all home sellers will have that kind of money laying around.  Another option is to just have a staging consultation.

A consultation is typically under three hundred dollars.  The consultant will walk through the house and make recommendations.  These recommendations can include using the existing furniture to help reduce the costs of staging.  From there, home sellers can execute these changes on their own without paying the company to stage the house.  

Look at Other Homes

Very few home sellers go to open houses in their neighborhood. However, this is a great opportunity to learn more about the buyers in the area and what the other homes look like.  Finding the price of similar homes and quality of the house can then help home sellers set their own price.

A Friendly Walk-Through

When showing a home there is a specific audience each home will target.  This audience can change over time depending on the demographics of the neighborhood.  If the neighborhood is full of students going to college, then the house should reflect that.  A neighborhood with many elderly residents should be shown to older buyers.

To help tailor the house to the right audience ask a close friend to do a friendly walk-through.  They should be within the target audience. After the walk-through, they can give their honest opinion on the house.  Anything that is undesirable can be fixed.

Use Online Resources

Social media is a wonderful way to advertise a property.  It is easy to use and does not cost the seller anything. Using beautiful photos, videos, and a link to the real estate website can direct more viewers to the home.  This can be a good way to generate a lot of interest in the house even before it is put on the market.

Selling a house is an emotional experience for home sellers.  But all emotions should be taken out of the equation when the seller prepares the home for buyers to walk-through. Combine this effort with researching the local market, properly preparing the home and being smart with your price and home sellers will find themselves in a strong position.

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