How to Research a Neighborhood When You Can’t Visit It

How to Research a Neighborhood When You Can’t Visit It

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NeighborhoodWhen you are looking to move, especially out of state, it can be hard to learn what you need to about the area. But, you don’t want to choose the wrong neighborhood to move to. You don’t want to just throw a dart at the map and end up in the wrong place.

So, here are a a few ways you can research a neighborhood without actually being there in person.

Check local crime

No one wants to move to a dangerous neighborhood, but it can be hard to tell how a safe some places are even when you are driving through them. If you have an address of a house you are looking at you can enter it into My Local Crime to find out what reported crimes have been taking place in the area.

Look at the demographics

The information collected during the Census every decade provides a lot of information to help you look into different areas when considering a move. You can find out demographics such as population density, commute times to work, race, education and income levels and even age. This information can be put to use for things like finding a neighborhood that is likely to have other young families or other retired adults, depending on what you are looking for.

Find out how walkable it is

Millennials have made the word “walkability” popular. If you want to be able to walk to a lot of places from where you live then you will want to know what’s around that you can easily get to. Check Walk Score to find out just how walkable the area really is. Keep in mind that you will need to submit an address.

Access to public transportation

If you want to move somewhere where you either don’t have a car or don’t want to have to use it all the time then you will probably want to know what type of access you will have to public transportation. The same site that you use for walkability can be used to check public transportation access.

Find out what the schools are like

Good school districts are usually an indication of a good neighborhood. And if you have children or plan on having them soon you are going to care about what the schools are like where you are moving. Some schools are very strict on only children in their district being able to attend so you will want to do your research early on in the process.

Great Schools helps you find the information you are looking for.

Google Maps

You can use Google Maps for lots of different things when checking into a neighborhood. You can use the street view to see what a neighborhood looks like as well as the street and surrounding area. You can also use this to see what stores are in the area and how far it will take you to get to different places that you need to go.

You will not regret the time that you spend doing research before you move to a new area. Taking the time to do this from the start can help homebuyers find a neighborhood that will work in both the near term as well as the future.

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