Homeowners: Protect Your Home Decor With These 6 Childproofing Tips

Homeowners: Protect Your Home Decor With These 6 Childproofing Tips

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HomeownersWhen you think of childproofing your house homeowners are probably thinking of the things that you do to keep your child safe. This includes putting safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs, having locks on the doors and cabinets, and having safety plugs and electrical outlets.

However, when it comes to your home decor, childproofing takes on a new meaning for homeowners. It’s not about protecting your child, it’s about allowing you to have nice things in your house and protecting them from your child.

With this in mind, here are some tips to help homeowners keep your home decor safe.

Choose a dark patterned rug

It pretty much goes without saying that children are great at making messes. If you are choosing a rug for a room, it’s a safe bet to choose a darker color. If you choose a light colored rug all the little things are going to show up a lot more than with the dark pattern that can help conceal it.

Choose your fabrics carefully

When choosing your fabric you’re going to want to take something that can withstand the abuse that comes with having a child. Many companies understand the challenge that parents are facing and are creating new options of textiles that are resistant to stain.

One of the popular options is Crypton Fabric. It has been shown to allow homeowners to wipe off red wine without staining the white fabric. In fact, they use this type of fabric in Buckingham Palace and the White House.

When choosing your fabric look for ones that are labeled for “performance.” This gives homeowners a sign that they will be able to stand up against the mess that children and pets bring.

Don’t forget about leather

Parents can feel like they need to avoid leather, saving it for the day when their children are grown. However, genuine leather furniture is actually quite simple to clean. Most things will wipe clean easily. Additionally, leather furniture that gets scratches actually grows to look better with time.

So, this means that homeowners can look for leather couches or even dining chairs with leather seats.

Upholstered ottomans are the way to go

There are several reasons why parents who are homeowners would like upholstered ottomans. Not only do they provide a substantial piece of furniture while creating an appealing look in your living room, they are also safe for your children.

When your little ones are learning how to walk you don’t have to worry about those hard coffee table edges. And, by simply putting a tray on top, you can still add decoration for your room.

Fall in love with the rustic look

As a parent with young children, adding the “rustic” look in your house can give you peace of mind. When piece of furniture already looks great with a few scratches and dings in it you don’t have to worry about adding a few more. It just continues to add to the charm of the piece.

Add built-in storage

No matter how hard you try to contain all of your children’s toys and belongings in their bedroom, or even a playroom, it just isn’t going to happen. Having built-in cabinets in your main living space give you an easy place to hide away the toys that your children will inevitably bring into the room.

It’s true, children can be rough on furniture and are great at making messes. But, you wouldn’t trade them for the world. And, with these tips homeowners don’t have to worry about waiting to enjoy the finer things until the children are grown.

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