Steps for Measuring Your Home’s Square Footage

Posted by Stephen Soechting // April 9, 2018

Square Footage

One of the first things prospective buyers will look at is the “size” of your home. This can be a misleading number and does not always tell how the space was used or what condition it is in. Regardless, you need to know how to measure the square footage of a house whether you are […]

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6 Smart Strategies While Passively Investing in Real Estate

Posted by Stephen Soechting // April 2, 2018

Real Estate

Making passive income sounds like a great way to invest and avoid the problems that active investors have.  While there are some managers that do a great job taking care of their investors, that does not mean the investor can check out completely.  A real estate investor who does not pay attention to their investments […]

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How Home Buyers Should Handle the Process

Posted by Stephen Soechting // March 26, 2018

Home Buyers

You’ve thought about it over and over and have decided now is the time to jump into the real estate market as home buyers. The low mortgage rates might not be around much longer and the housing prices keep climbing.   If now is the right time for you to become home buyers, follow these […]

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New State, New Taxes  – Here’s What You Need to Know

Posted by Stephen Soechting // March 19, 2018


Was 2017 the year of your big move? Whether you moved one state away or all the way across the country, you will discover as you complete your 2017 taxes that your move makes an impact on your taxes. There are few people that are able to make a move and not experience a change. […]

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What Role Could Blockchain Play in the Real Estate Industry?

Posted by Stephen Soechting // March 12, 2018


You have most likely heard the term Bitcoin thrown around recently. You may not understand exactly what it is or how cryptocurrency works, but you may want to start to pay attention. There are mixed opinions about what the future success of cryptocurrency will be, but there are ways that Blockchain, the underlying technology, is […]

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Home Updates That Pay Off

Posted by Stephen Soechting // March 5, 2018

Home Updates

Home updates are part of owning a home. Updates can not only make your home more appealing to live in, they can also increase the value of your home. This is why future home sellers should factor in their returns. Here are some home updates that will pay off in resale return. Small Bathroom Remodel […]

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3 Reasons 2018 is the Year to Buy a House

Posted by Stephen Soechting // February 26, 2018

Buy a House

Since the housing crash, the housing market has been on a gradual increase. In the past few years, it has really taken off. There have been insanely low interest rates for loans, many buyers feeling confident in their buying power, and an increase in the value of homes. The market is hitting a changing point […]

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What You Should Know if You Want to Prepay Your Property Taxes

Posted by Stephen Soechting // February 19, 2018

Property Taxes

We all want to save money where we can. One place to save money is taking advantage of opportunities for deductions when they are offered by the government. One such deduction is for individuals that are paying their 2018 property taxes early. With people trying to take advantage of prepaying their property taxes to qualify […]

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Home Sellers: Do You Know How Long Will Your House Stay on the Market?

Posted by Stephen Soechting // February 12, 2018

You may absolutely love your house but sooner or later it might be time to sell.  The question that then always get asked by home sellers is: how long will it take to sell my house?   Statistics say that the average time a house is on the market is 65 days from the day […]

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How to Buy a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Property

Posted by Stephen Soechting // February 5, 2018


An FSBO property is one that is For Sale By Owner. These properties are not always as easy to find as a property sold by real estate agent, but there are some on the market.  Because the process of selling or buying an FSBO property is different than a typical sale we have put together […]

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