4 Strategies that Will Help Sell Your House Fast

Posted by Stephen Soechting // August 27, 2018

Sell Your House Fast

Summer is one of the busiest times for the housing market. It is one of the best times to sell your house fast because there are so many buyers that are in the market. However, they can still be tricky to get that attention on your house since there is usually more competition on the […]

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Homeowners: Protect Your Home Decor With These 6 Childproofing Tips

Posted by Stephen Soechting // August 20, 2018


When you think of childproofing your house homeowners are probably thinking of the things that you do to keep your child safe. This includes putting safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs, having locks on the doors and cabinets, and having safety plugs and electrical outlets. However, when it comes to your home […]

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Should Buyers Waive Contingencies In Order to Have Your Offer Accepted?

Posted by Stephen Soechting // August 13, 2018


If you’re a buyer in a hot seller’s market it can be difficult to secure a house. You can spend months looking at houses, write multiple offers, and lose every house. After a while it’s easy to become desperate to do anything you can to be able to close on a house. One of the […]

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How to Find Out if There is a Lien on Your Property (and What You Need to Know)

Posted by Stephen Soechting // August 6, 2018


If you’re thinking about selling your house, one of the things you need to find out is if you have a clean title. This means you are looking to see if there is a lien on your property. It is not uncommon for homeowners to think that they have a clear title when in reality […]

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Selling a House and the Due on Sale Clause

Posted by Stephen Soechting // July 30, 2018

Due on Sale Clause

Most mortgages will have a due on sale clause.  This clause forces a homeowner to pay the remainder of their loan if they sell that property.  Most homeowners start the process of selling their home with the intention of paying off their mortgage in full.  But the due on sale clause is in place to […]

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High-Interest Rates and Mortgages: Why Credit Scores Are So Important

Posted by Stephen Soechting // July 23, 2018

Credit Scores

When buying a house, a buyer’s credit score is a major factor.  It can mean the difference in being approved for a loan or denied.  Even if the loan is approved by a lender, a bad credit score – or even one that is mediocre – can cost a borrower a lot in interest. In […]

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Can I Accept Cryptocurrency When Selling My House?

Posted by Stephen Soechting // July 16, 2018


You have probably heard the term “cryptocurrency” on the news and in the media. And if you aren’t familiar with it, cryptocurrency is a digital form of currency whose value is confirmed and guaranteed through the internet. Each transaction is verified and then made as public record. This is known as blockchain. There are different […]

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How to Research a Neighborhood When You Can’t Visit It

Posted by Stephen Soechting // July 9, 2018


When you are looking to move, especially out of state, it can be hard to learn what you need to about the area. But, you don’t want to choose the wrong neighborhood to move to. You don’t want to just throw a dart at the map and end up in the wrong place. So, here […]

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5 Reasons for Homebuyers to Buy Old Instead of New When Buying a House

Posted by Stephen Soechting // July 2, 2018


There is something that excited homebuyers about buying a new construction house. If you come in at the right time in the process you get to customize many of the options. The result: getting the house that you are looking for. It’s a house that has never belonged to another family and therefore it feels […]

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Home Buyers: 6 Tips to Avoid Regret When Upsizing

Posted by Stephen Soechting // June 25, 2018

Home Buyers

All home buyers hope that they will live in their first home forever.  Few home buyers see this dream come to fruition. It is very easy to outgrow a home.  Some people buy a home when they are single and are surprised to find themselves married with three children in what seems like a blink […]

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