5 Cheap and Easy Strategies when Preparing to Sell a Home

5 Cheap and Easy Strategies when Preparing to Sell a Home

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Sell a HomeIt is easy to spend a lot of money when preparing to sell a home. However, it is not always a necessity.  In fact, there are easy ways to prepare a house that cost little to no money.

When preparing to sell a home, it is important to clear away any personal belongings, declutter, stage the rooms, clean, and spruce up the outside.  By taking all these steps it will be easier to sell the house.

Keep It Basic

As you get ready to sell a home, no personal items should be left in the house.  Important items like pictures of the family or even diplomas should be stored away.  The reason is simple: these items remind buyers that they are looking through another person’s home.  By taking them down the buyer can walk through and imagine their own pictures in the house.

Other items to pack away can include any personal opinions like sport team memorabilia, religious affiliations, and any political party items.  These items show the current owner’s personalities and can conflict with the buyer’s personalities.

Buyers want to view a home that is simply decorated and staged.  Having excess personal items will make it feel more cluttered and distract them.  To have a successful showing it is important to let the buyers walk through a home that is a blank slate.


Having too much clutter in the house is going to distract the buyer from the big picture.  Homeowners often do not notice the amount of clutter that they accumulate. It is easy to overlook clutter when living with it on a daily basis.

For this reason, sellers will want to always clear off countertops and tables.  These surfaces are easy to put extra items on that do not have a specific space.  Throwing extra items onto desks, tables, countertops, or end tables is easy but it is not appealing to buyers.

Children’s belongings are often in all areas of the house.  Pack away extra toys, clothes, and other items that are not in use.  Pay attention to any items for pets as well. Many buyers do not want to see the evidence of pets in a house if they are a pet-free home.

Staging Rooms

Professional staging can be expensive.  Thankfully, sellers can achieve similar results with the furniture that they currently have. All that is required is making the effort to rearrange their home.  

Important rooms to stage include the master bedroom and bathroom.  The living room is also a frequently trafficked area and buyers love to see a beautifully staged room.

Keep in mind that every room should have a specific purpose.  Even if there are rooms being used as a spare bedroom or storage space it should be evident the room has a purpose.  Consider making an extra room into an office or workout space. Showing that the room has a purpose is more appealing to buyers.

Be aware that using a specific room for storage can make a buyer think that there is a lack of storage space in the house.  No clutter and extra items should be stored at the house. All closets and extra rooms should be mostly empty to showcase all of the space available in the house.

Clean. Then Clean Again

Getting rid of clutter and personal items is a great start to cleaning a home.  Once all of the extra items are out of the house it is easier to deep clean. No buyer wants to walk through a dirty home.  It is uncomfortable and it makes the owners of the home seem like they do not care about their property.

Sellers must understand that a buyer will notice all of the dirty areas of the home.  They will be too preoccupied to notice the woodwork or the spacious bedrooms. It is hard to overlook another person’s mess.  As a result, most buyers cannot look past a dirty house to see its potential.

Once an owner cleans their home it is a good idea to walk through it again.  Hiring a cleaning service is not too expensive and it can help to really get every area of the home spotless.  A clean house needs to be kept clean so buyers can request a walk-through at a moment’s notice.

Outside the Home

The first area of the house a buyer will see is the outside.  This includes the home itself and the lawn. Taking care of the outside of the house will make the buyer more excited to see the inside of the home.

Some buyers will do a drive-by test before scheduling a walk-through.  If the outside of the home is not appealing, they are going to move onto the next property.  Taking care of the outside of a home helps a buyer judge if the inside of the home is going to be well-maintained.

Concentrate on keeping the lawn mowed, bushes trimmed, and add in colorful flowers to be more welcoming.  The driveway, sidewalk, and porch should be clear of any debris or dirt. A general cleaning of the house will make it look much better to a potential buyer.

To sell a home an owner needs to work to make it presentable to buyers.  Buyers want to walk through a home that is clean, free of clutter, and one that does not remind them of the owner.  Staging the home creates an inviting atmosphere for buyers, being just the thing that can seal the deal.

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